“I am committed to an economy that works for everyone, and that starts with improving our schools, protecting our farms and ranches, paying down our debt, and protecting Social Security and Medicare.” – Ann

Jobs for Arizona

Ann’s economic approach is aimed toward a central goal: Get folks back to work in good-paying jobs.

Middle-class families in Arizona were smashed by the recession –and they struggle to keep up with the rising cost of basic living expenses, gasoline, college education loans, and healthcare even today.

Ann is committed to making Arizona home to a revived middle class by creating good-paying local jobs. And in order to do that, Ann wants to jumpstart the economy by supporting small businesses; keeping Arizona jobs in Arizona; fostering innovation; and making smart investments in education, infrastructure and job training.

Ann knows the importance of international trade to our economy, but she opposes so-called “free trade” deals that outsource U.S. jobs and harm American workers. And since the global economy demands an educated and evolving workforce, Ann is a fierce proponent of job training and education programs to help workers find jobs in the 21st century economy.

Our state also needs more good-paying jobs, and Ann is dedicated to creating an environment where new entrepreneurs and innovators can thrive. That means a tax code that fosters innovation, an end to unnecessary and burdensome regulations, and smart investments in education, infrastructure and job training.

Ann played a leading role in advancing key infrastructure projects across Arizona, such as the proposed Interstate 11 through Pinal and Pima counties, flood control projects in Coconino, Navajo and Pinal counties, and road improvements on the Navajo Nation. She is pushing to bring access to high-speed Internet to all corners of Arizona, which would provide an immense boost to local economies and prepare our students for the jobs of the future.

Arizona’s natural resources are critical to our state’s economic prosperity. That’s why Ann has worked tirelessly to bring government agencies, local officials, conservationists and other stakeholders to the table to finalize the Four Forest Restoration Initiative. The initiative will protect Arizona’s treasured forests, create jobs, and help our economy for years to come.

Ann also co-sponsored the bipartisan Southeast Land Exchange and Conservation Act, which traded 2,400 acres of Forest Service land for 5,000 acres of privately held, environmentally sensitive land – and will create thousands of jobs in Arizona’s Copper Corridor. And Ann has fought back whenever bureaucrats in Washington impose burdensome regulations that would devastate our rural and tribal communities.

For Ann, working for Arizona means fighting for an economy that ensures that all of our families have a chance to work hard and build a better life for their children.