Para Distribución Inmediata: 17 de octubre de 2016

McCain endosó a Trump en más de 60 ocasiones y ahora dice que él obstruirá a cualquier candidato para SCOTUS que no sea elegido por Trump

TEMPE – En una sorprendente admisión de cuan por encima de su país John McCain antepone a su partido, McCain dijo en una entrevista el día de hoy que si Donald Trump no gana la Casa Blanca, él se asegurará que su partido estará “unido en contra de cualquier nominado para la Suprema Corte” que se presente.

For Immediate Release: October 17, 2016

McCain endorsed Trump more than 60 times and now says he will obstruct any SCOTUS nominee Trump doesn’t pick

TEMPE –In a stunning admission of just how far above his country John McCain now places his party, McCain said in an interview today that if Donald Trump does not win the White House, he will ensure that his party will be “united against any Supreme Court nominee” put forward.

For Immediate Release: October 17, 2016

After criticizing Mitt Romney, McCain takes money from same Romney “foreign money” bankroller
McCain backs out of promise to “never quit” on campaign finance reform

TEMPE – John McCain once promised he would “never quit” fighting for campaign finance reform, “no matter what the political penalty I may pay for doing so.” Today, McCain is trashing his old promises to save his political career as his own DC-based Super PAC accepted $1.2 million from billionaire casino owner Sheldon Adelson — something McCain criticized Mitt Romney for doing in 2012.

For Immediate Release: October 16, 2016

McCain turns to Adelson, Wall Street while turning his back on Arizonans
McCain’s Super PAC rakes in huge checks from billionaires

TEMPE – Despite writing the signature McCain-Feingold campaign finance reform law, John McCain no longer has any qualms about accepting massive, seven-figure checks from wealthy donors to fund his own personal Super PAC. McCain’s abandonment of his principles and beliefs has only gotten more frequent, according to recent financial filings.

For Immediate Release: October 15, 2016

John McCain’s complete sellout of his principles: Donald Trump, part 4
Asked directly, McCain camp won’t deny “begging” for Trump’s endorsement

TEMPE – One week ago today, after endorsing Donald Trump’s candidacy more than 60 times, John McCain made the self-serving calculation to abandon his “principled” support for Trump in a desperate attempt to save his 33-year career in Washington.

For Immediate Release: October 15, 2016

John McCain’s complete sellout of his principles continues: Adelson and McCain’s Super PAC
2012: McCain criticized casino magnate’s donations to super PACs as “foreign money”, warned “there will be scandals”
Now: McCain’s Super PAC accepts $1.2 million donation from Adelson

TEMPE – John McCain’s D.C. Beltway-based Super PAC, ironically titled Arizona Grassroots Action, reported receiving $1.2 million from billionaire casino magnate Sheldon Adelson — a stunningly hypocritical revelation for a candidate who once helped write the law combatting big money in politics and even specifically criticized super PACs for taking Adelson’s “foreign money,” and warned “there will be scandals.”
This is the latest, clearest example of McCain’s glaring hypocrisy and just how much he’s changed. McCain resoundingly criticized Adelson and the exact same type of donation to Mitt Romney’s Super PAC in 2012, saying Adelson’s donations mean “… foreign money is coming into American political campaigns.” He even warned that “there will be scandals.”

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