Dave Weigel at the Washington Post reports that a “modest” rally last night in Mesa, John McCain doubled down on his pledge to block all Supreme Court nominees if Hillary wins — something that would essentially paralyze the court and hurt thousands of Arizona families. (Former McCain adviser Mark McKinnon also called the rally a strategic blunder.)

Much like John McCain’s more than 60 endorsements of Donald Trump, his decision to bring Mitt Romney to Arizona is being called a ‘blunder’ by former staffers.

Mark McKinnon, former media adviser to McCain and George W. Bush, told Newsmax today that McCain has been “hurt” by his flip-flop on Trump and that Romney only exacerbates McCain’s extensive problems with his base as well as the very voters he needs — Trump supporters.

For Immediate Release: November 2, 2016

Kirkpatrick fires up thousands at Clinton early vote rally
Kirkpatrick pledges to fight McCain’s Supreme Court obstructionism, stands with former Rep. Gabby Giffords

TEMPE — Ann Kirkpatrick urged thousands of Arizonans to help make history on Election Day and to reject the obstructionist actions of 33-year Washington insider John McCain at Hillary Clinton’s rally at Arizona State University tonight.

TEMPE — Ann Kirkpatrick made several stops throughout the Valley yesterday to meet with students, workers, and volunteers, while also picking up three high-profile endorsements from Phoenix officials.

Kirkpatrick picked up important endorsements from the Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton, former Phoenix Mayor and Attorney General Terry Goddard, and Phoenix Vice Mayor Kate Gallego before taking questions from members of the press. Kirkpatrick then held a GOTV rally on ASU’s Tempe campus to encourage students to vote early. Kirkpatrick also attended a rally with Arizona workers campaigning to raise the minimum wage and phone banked with volunteers in Glendale working to get out the vote.

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