What did John McCain do for Saudi Arabia’s $1 million donation?

McCain still silent on details surrounding seven-figure donation to the McCain Institute

TEMPE – In the days since Bloomberg revealed John McCain’s namesake institute hid a $1 million donation from the government of Saudi Arabia, McCain has cut off questions about the money and remained silent after Ann Kirkpatrick called on him to reveal all details surrounding the institute’s donations.

“Arizonans deserve to know what John McCain did for $1 million from the Saudi Arabian government,” said Kirkpatrick for Senate spokesman D.B. Mitchell. “John McCain has spoken openly about obligations to big donors and potential scandals surrounding foreign money, and now after 33 years in Washington it’s clear he’s no longer interested in straight talk. He’s part of the problem.”

McCain is scheduled to attend and host events for the McCain Institute for International Leadership’s annual Sedona Forum this week. He has also attended fundraisers for the institute previously, and he shares key campaign staff with the institute.