VIDEO: Kirkpatrick unveils first ad of the 2016 campaign

TEMPE – The Kirkpatrick for Senate campaign unveiled its first ad of the campaign today calling out John McCain for pledging to support Donald Trump for president if he becomes the GOP nominee, despite Trump’s dangerous, hateful, racist, violent, and offensive rhetoric.

“There was a time John McCain would have stood up to Donald Trump. Instead, McCain has decided to kowtow to Trump in the name of being ‘a loyal Republican,’” said Kirkpatrick. “Trump has insulted women, Latinos, even McCain himself! But despite all that, McCain has decided to let party loyalty Trump what is best for Arizona. After 33 years in Washington, John McCain isn’t the man he used to be – he’s changed – and Arizonans deserve better than that.”

Facing a primary challenge from the Tea Party and dogged by his deep unpopularity among Arizona Republicans, McCain has continually refused to denounce Trump – even declaring that he would be fine with Trump choosing the next Supreme Court justice.

The ad is now available on the Kirkpatrick for Senate campaign website and YouTube page, and will be supported by an online ad buy.