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Ann’s other race…

In January, Ann participated in the Rock ‘n Roll half-marathon alongside her entire family and a few thousand of their closest friends!

This race wasn’t much different than our race. It’s completed one step at a time, step after step. We’re on a path to victory — but must hit our February goal to stay on course.

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A new poll shows Ann has caught up to special interest insider John McCain.

The numbers are McCain 38%, Ann 37% — a statistical tie.

This race is a dead heat. If we want to help Ann nose out a lead, we have to keep up our strength. Hitting our goals is more important than ever — like the $40,000 goal we have for February.

Today’s Must-Read

“Poll: Kirkpatrick has a shot at unseating McCain”
Tucson Sentinel, 2/1/2016

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From the Trail

Tempe Office Open for Business

Team Kirkpatrick just opened our statewide HQ in Tempe — and we had a huge turnout at our office opening! Ann spoke to the crowd, rallied the team, and a huge group of folks signed up to volunteer! Click here to see our office opening video!

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