NEW AD: McCain paved the way for Trump



For Immediate Release: October 10, 2016


NEW AD: McCain paved the way for Trump

McCain’s lack of political courage led him to endorse Trump more than 60 times

TEMPE — Just hours before their first debate, Ann Kirkpatrick released a new ad that holds John McCain accountable for his role in paving the way for the divisive, offensive candidacy of Donald Trump.

Appropriately called “Paved The Way,” the 30-second ad details McCain’s history of abandoning any principle just to save his political career — including putting Sarah Palin one step away from the presidency, using of Trump-esque language in his infamous “Complete the Danged Fence” ad, his long record of trying to cut women’s access to healthcare, and his more than 60 endorsements of Trump despite Trump’s well-documented history of insulting Gold Star families, veterans, immigrants, people with disabilities, and women.

“For years, John McCain has abandoned his principles and his political courage just to desperately hold onto his 33-year career in Washington,” said Kirkpatrick. “Arizonans deserve a senator who will never waver in the fight on vital issues like comprehensive immigration reform or qualified leadership for our nation — but McCain has failed this test. Our state deserves better.”

Watch the full ad here.



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