McCain: Secretive trade deal more ‘important’ than American jobs


For Immediate Release: September 12, 2016

McCain: Secretive trade deal more ‘important’ than American jobs

Flashback: On TPP, McCain said American jobs “shouldn’t be protected”

TEMPE – Last week, John McCain started pushing his support for the secretive job-killing Trans-Pacific Partnership again, a deal that could lead to the offshoring of American jobs.

In a speech to a conservative think tank, McCain said, “I will continue to push hard on the U.S. Congress to approve TPP before I leave office, because I think it is important for this entire region and it is important for the United States.”

But it’s clear there is one group of people he’s not putting first: American workers.

McCain previously waved away predictions that the TPP would cost Arizona jobs, saying some American jobs “shouldn’t be protected” — a tone-deaf statement that proves how out of touch McCain has become after 33 years in Washington.

“Arizona families deserve a senator who will fight to protect their jobs and their communities — but it’s clear John McCain doesn’t think that’s the case,” said Kirkpatrick for Senate spokesman D.B. Mitchell. “Rather than standing up to these misguided deals that could hurt our workers and businesses, McCain has chosen to side with special interests in a desperate attempt to save his political career.”



McCain On TPP: “There Some People Who And Businesses That Can’t Be Protected, But Frankly They Shouldn’t Be Protected Really, When You Get Down To It, If It Means A Lower Cost To The Consumer Of Some Goods And Services That Then More Americans Can Afford Them.” HOST: “How does this differ then, you mentioned NAFTA and I’m glad you did, how does this differ then from NAFTA? People have been very critical of NAFTA, the effects of it and as you said it opened up trade, especially with the southwest border, but how does this differ when we talk about trans-pacific?”  MCCAIN: “By the way, people that, the criticism of NAFTA has died out over the years as we’ve seen more and more job creation and more and more trade. Go to our, go to the California-Mexico border, go to the Arizona-Mexico border anywhere you’ll find it jammed. Go to the border between Michigan and Canada, you’ll find it jammed. It’s, it’s I hear less and less about it except hardcore union spokespersons, so, but what this would do is it would open Asian Markets to our exports and reduce those barriers. Look, we have now advantages in manufacturing technology, in this whole issue of social networking. All that technology is in the United States of America, which could be exported to them and obviously we are now in a net energy exporter, as well, by the way, I’d point out. So, are there some people who and businesses that can’t be protected, but frankly they shouldn’t be protected really, when you get down to it, if it means a lower cost to the consumer of some goods and services that then more Americans can afford them. So, all I can say is that I hope that they can repair the damage next week and move forward.”  [KFYI, 6/12/15] (AUDIO)



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