McCain officially leading the charge to paralyze the Supreme Court

TEMPE — John McCain’s hyper-partisan promise to block any Supreme Court nominee for years to come has not only received the seal of approval from government shutdown ringleader Sen. Ted Cruz and endangered North Carolina Sen. Richard Burr, but McCain is now being credited with leading the charge to paralyze the Supreme Court.

National media outlet The Hill reported today that conservative think tank the Heritage Foundation specifically cited McCain’s out-of-touch pledge to disregard his constitutional duty as “exactly the right position to have” — a position that could rip thousands of Arizona families apart and grind a critical branch of government to a halt. The Hill’s piece goes on to say that the think tank is plotting to block any potential nominee for “as long as five years.”

“John McCain has turned his back on his constitutional duty to do his job because he has changed after 33 years in Washington,” said Kirkpatrick for Senate spokesperson D.B. Mitchell. “McCain cares more about trying to save his political career than doing what’s right and filling the Supreme Court. McCain is leading the way toward a constitutional crisis that will only hurt Arizona families.”