Kirkpatrick connects with college students, out-raises McCain again




For Immediate Release: October 20, 2016


Kirkpatrick connects with college students, out-raises McCain again

On the heels of nearly doubling McCain’s fundraising, Kirkpatrick’s momentum continues to grow

TEMPE – Ann Kirkpatrick continued her relentless campaign through Arizona yesterday on the campus of Arizona State University. With early voting in full swing, Kirkpatrick is taking the opportunity to talk to Arizonans about key issues and bringing new, principled leadership to the U.S. Senate. Kirkpatrick’s barnstorming also comes on the heels of nearly doubling John McCain’s third-quarter fundraising, marking the third consecutive quarter Kirkpatrick has out-raised McCain.


Picture via KTAR’s Ashley Flood

Kirkpatrick joined the campaign trail alongside Chelsea Clinton at Arizona State University, where she spoke to hundreds about the importance of voting to expand access to higher education,reining in student loan debt, and supporting our veterans.


Kirkpatrick later addressed and listened to students at Arizona State University student government’s Democracy Spark, where she spoke about bringing real change to our state and working to create the good-paying, 21st century jobs our economy needs.

Kirkpatrick later stopped by a presidential debate watch party with supporters.



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