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For Immediate Release: February 16, 2016

ICYMI: Tucson Weekly highlights McCain’s contradictory statements on SCOTUS vacancies
McCain’s election-year position contradicts long-held positions
TEMPE – After John McCain declared he would support any efforts to block Supreme Court nominees for at least a year, the Tucson Weekly reported that this latest position contradicted years of previous statements from McCain.

Read an excerpt from the Tucson Weekly’s article below, or read the full piece here.

Tucson Weekly: McCain says he’s ready to block an Obama appointee to Supreme Court

McCain himself has generally supported giving a president a lot of leeway when it comes to appointing justices. Kirkpatrick cited McCain’s votes in favor of Clinton appointees for Justice Breyer and Justice Ginsberg, as McCain himself explained in 2005, “because I believed that President Clinton won the election.” And during a battle over whether the Senate should do away with the filibuster of federal judges, McCain was a member of the “gang of 14” that sought to preserve the power of the minority to block judicial appointments because he believed it was important to the political norms and the institution of the Senate.

At the time, McCain told MSNBC Hardball host Chris Matthews: “I strongly believe that the president’s nominees deserve an up- or-down vote and that there was an abuse of that power, and we need to fix that. And we need to do it with an agreement where we can all trust one another.”

But this year, McCain is facing a primary challenge from former state lawmaker Kelli Ward, who is hammering him for the various times that he has gone against the wishes of the hard-core conservatives in Arizona. While Ward’s effort to unseat McCain is still considered a long shot—she had less than $260,000 in the bank at the end of the year and she has yet to win over major national groups that might help her like the Senate Conservatives Fund—McCain has been tacking to the right to inoculate himself from Ward’s attacks.


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