Education leaders back Kirkpatrick

The Kirkpatrick for Senate campaign today announced that two of Arizona’s top education leaders – former Arizona Superintendent of Public Instruction Carolyn Warner and former candidate for Superintendent of Public Instruction David Garcia – have endorsed Ann Kirkpatrick’s bid for U.S. Senate.

Warner, a respected education policy leader who was also the Democratic Party nominee for governor in 1986, has received presidential appointments to education panels under both Republican and Democratic administrations. Garcia, an associate professor of education leadership at Arizona State University, has served in the Arizona Department of Education under two Republican superintendents.

“I’m thrilled to have strong public education proponents like Carolyn and David supporting my campaign,” Kirkpatrick said. “I’m a product of public education, and I speak with parents, teachers and business owners all across Arizona who are worried about what’s happening to our schools and universities. If we want to strengthen Arizona’s economy and prepare our young people to compete, we have to support our schools at every level.”

Kirkpatrick’s education record includes:

College affordability: Fought to keep college affordable, supporting legislation that stopped student loan interest rates from doubling.

Early childhood education: Helped pass all-day kindergarten in Arizona, and opposed sequestration cuts to Head Start and Impact Aid.

Grants and resources: Helped secure millions of dollars in grants for Arizona’s public universities, community colleges and tribal schools to fund projects including STEM, economic development and educational access.